Temporary pet home

Temporary House is a kind of "foster family". Often dog owners life situation forces them to part with your dog at some time or even forever. In our Temporary House animal lives either for a while or months to return to the previous home. In our House addition to basic dogs needs (food, a place to sleep, walking) animal receives what is most important - the care and attention of man. During the weeks or months in a temporary home caregiver can follow his ward, to know his behavior and habits and thus provide him with optimum living conditions. In such conditions, the animals also much faster and more effectively reach health after accidents, injuries or illnesses. Dogs in the elderly can also count on the loving care of our home. The main advantage of our offer is qualified our facility to offer a wide range of professional care and they lives at our home with us. Thinking about the dogs that do not have a home and are under the care associations and foundations and for those whose owners have to leave them for a long time; we run long-term hotel for dogs. Our long term hotel popularly called temporary home also accepts dogs with behavioral problems. All dogs in addition to meals, walks and a place, we provide nursing services, care of a dog behaviorist and dog trainer. We prepared a special price conditions for customers of the canine temporary home. For foundations and associations involved in the care of homeless dogs we encourage signing long-term contracts for the care of the dogs. This will ensure that you book seats for your exclusive use. We actively search for permanent homes for our long-term hotel dogs. Every dog left with us receives personalized care tailored to their needs. Feel free to contact us at +48 601 71 62 90 Welcome!

"Czasami jesteś psem, a czasami drzewkiem, które podlewa"

Hotel i Ośrodek Szkolenia Psów ISKRA

Lubiecz 26 gm. Golina
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tel. (+48) 601 71 62 90