Pet Hotel

We know how difficult it is sometimes to go on holiday with the dog. In other cases professional work requires our customers to go on multi-day trips. Sometimes family celebrations need to put your dog in the care of others. Therefore, we started in our facility, a hotel for your animals. The hotel has 10 seats in the stalls located in the buildings and the floor of our house - if your dog is not accustomed to live in a pen. Our canine clients are provided with conditions similar to home including: walking, playing, grooming. In the area of our facility, there are 3 isolated from each other paddocks under constant surveillance. If you want to see the conditions in which your dog will stay we invite you to visit our hotel!

"Czasami jesteś psem, a czasami drzewkiem, które podlewa"

Hotel i Ośrodek Szkolenia Psów ISKRA

Lubiecz 26 gm. Golina
powiat konin
tel. (+48) 601 71 62 90